Pursuant to OCGA §50-14-1(d)(3), the Board of Community Supervision is hereby providing notice of its intent to hold an emergency meeting on March 23, 2020 at 9 a.m. for the purpose of voting to suspend Board of Community Supervision Rule 105-3-.07(4)(i). Rule 105-3-.07(4)(i) currently requires Family Violence Intervention Program (“FVIP”) participants to attend FVIP classes in-person and expressly prohibits online classes.

The Board of Community Supervision and the Georgia Commission on Family Violence believe a suspension of Rule 105-03-.07(4)(i) is warranted in order to protect the public safety of the citizens of the State of Georgia based on the recommendations of federal, state and local health officials to practice social distancing as the most effective means of combating the spread of the coronavirus.  Suspension of the rule will allow FVIP participants to continue their participation in FVIP classes via online classes until the Public Health State of Emergency issued by Governor Kemp on March 14, 2020 is lifted.

Pursuant to OCGA 50-14-1(f), the meeting will be conducted by teleconference. Members of the public wishing to access the teleconference may do so by calling (877) 873-8018 and entering PIN No. 7321112.