Healing Communities of Georgia

Healing Communities of Georgia is a diverse network of nonprofits, businesses, and faith-based organizations across the state actively implementing Healing Communities principles within your community. The mission of the network is to restore individuals, their families, and victims of crime by facilitating needed healing from the destructive effects of crime and incarceration. The healing occurs within individuals through mercy, forgiveness and facilitating the restoration of right relationships. Healing also occurs through justice, by collectively informing decision makers of policy adjustments needed to create a more just and effective corrections system.

Stations of Hope

Stations of Hope are faith-based organizations, dedicated nonprofits, and businesses dedicated that are implementing Healing Communities principles within their communities and joined under a collective covenant. As a network, Stations of Hope share best practices, support each other, and work collaboratively to advocate for policy reform.

Mentoring & Advocacy 

The “I Choose Support" mentoring movement is a faith and community based mentoring program which involves community volunteers providing support and guidance to returning citizens. Individuals who have successfully completed supervision under the criminal justice system can also choose to support in this effort.

The goal of mentoring is broadly focused on addressing offender needs for pro-social relationships, assisting them in developing solutions to basic living skill problems, and engaging them in the community.  The transition from prison to the community or the expectation from case managers can cause returning citizens to be overwhelmed by issues such as employment, transportation, and housing. Given that case managers are commonly viewed as authority figures, mentors may be more effective at providing informal and emotional support than formal interventions. It is important for returning citizens to know that the community is invested in their success which is what community coaches assure.

Each circuit has eligible dedicated coaches providing mentoring to willing participants prior to release and continuing upon their return to the community. Coaches have the flexibility to mentor participants in a variety of means, locations, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor. please click the link below.