Each year, DCS works to provide an increased level of supervision on Halloween for our high-risk sex offender population. To mitigate risk and preserve public safety, proactive initiatives have been developed across the state that will provide maximum supervision which ultimately focuses on our core mission of protecting the public during Halloween. 


“This is a proactive initiative we are undertaking to enhance public safety during Halloween,” said David Morrison, DCS Director of Field Operations.  We are thankful for all the local law enforcement agencies across the state that are assisting us in our efforts to keep our communities safe, he adds. 


The particulars of this statewide initiative will slightly vary from county to county, however, each DCS Circuit has worked with local law enforcement partners to develop a plan of action to enhance supervision efforts in the communities they serve.


Lori Rozier, DCS Sex Offender Administration Unit Manager says: “Halloween, is a day in which we must increase the focus on our core mission of protecting the public.  With thousands of children participating in activities in every community across our state, we no doubt have an enormous responsibility.”


During Halloween night, DCS officers will verify residences, conduct compliance checks, and arrest any sex offenders found to be in violation of the law or conditions of their supervision. Additionally, some sex offenders will be required to attend counseling and cognitive therapy during trick-or-treating hours.


DCS is responsible for the community-based supervision of approximately 220,000 adult felony offenders. Of that number, approximately 11,000 are either registered sex offenders or offenders being supervised under sex offender conditions.


About The Georgia Department of Community Supervision:


The Department of Community Supervision is responsible for the community-based supervision of more than 200,000 adult felony offenders, and Class A and Class B designated juvenile offenders.


It is the mission of the Georgia Department of Community Supervision to protect and serve all Georgia citizens through effective and efficient offender supervision in our communities while providing opportunities for successful outcomes. DCS employs evidence-based practices to hold offenders accountable and reduce the state’s recidivism rate. For more information, visit dcs.georgia.gov. 


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