Michael W. Nail


As Commissioner, Michael oversees the day-to-day operations of one of the nation’s largest community supervision agencies and is responsible for the adult felony supervision of over 200,000 individuals.


Scott Maurer

Assistant Commissioner

As Assistant Commissioner, Scott aids in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the nation’s largest community supervision agencies.


Sandra Thomas

Executive Operations Director

As Executive Operations Director, Sandra oversees the Department’s operations in the functional areas of Professional Standards and Training & Professional Development.


Bert Flewellen

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Bert oversees the Department's leadership and vision, operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and people systems.


Patrick Holsey

Field Operations Director

As Field Operations Director, Patrick oversees all aspects of field operations and personnel to meet the Department's strategic goals.


Michelle Stanley

Reentry Services Director

As Reentry Services Director, Michelle oversees the agency's reentry efforts and the Max Out ReEntry (M.O.R.E) Program to further efforts in reducing recidivism.


Phil Sellers

Chief Information Officer

As CIO, Phil oversees the management and successful implementation of agency information and technology systems.


Olivia Duke

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Olivia oversees financial functions, the administration of the agency’s $192 million budget, and the maintenance of agency assets including facilities and fleet.


Barbara Neville

Human Resources Director

As HR Director, Barbara oversees onboarding, retention, payroll, employee relations, transactions, and absence Management.


Shanta Porter

External Affairs Director

As External Affairs Director, Shanta oversees interactions with elected officials, external stakeholders, and the media.


Nick Powell

Strategic Planning and Analysis Director

As Strategic Planning and Analysis Director, Nick oversees the agency's strategic plan, research agenda, implementation of interagency initiatives, and associated performance measures to effectively communicate the strategic direction of the agency and ensure alignment with best and next practices.


James Knox

General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer

As General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer, James oversees all aspects of the Department's legal services, including ensuring adherence to laws and policies, serving as representation in administrative tribunals, mediations, and alternative dispute resolution processes, and tracking related litigation.


Maryann Dillard

Office of Professional Standards Director

As Office of Professional Standards Director, Maryann oversees internal investigations and allegations of professional misconduct and criminal activity attributed to departmental employees and conducts pre-employment and truth verification examinations for officer applicants. 


Bea Blankenship

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant, Bea oversees the handling of administrative needs for the Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Operations Director.


James Bergman

Special Operations Director

As Special Operations Director, James oversees the Department's Sex Offender, Fugitive, and Criminal Investigations Task Force, Centralized Reporting Team, Intelligence Units, Statewide Immediate Response Team, Peer Support Team, and is DCS’ liaison to the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency.


Lori Massengale

Training and Professional Development Director

As Training and Professional Development Director, Lori oversees curriculum development and coordination of basic and specialized training to meet the unique challenges of community corrections, creating and implementing the Department’s professional development strategy, and developing employees’ skills to improve productivity and retention.


Shari Chambers

Special Projects Director

As Special Projects Director, Shari oversees statewide community and employee engagement projects and assists in the oversight of agency projects for Executive Leadership, Field Operations, and Reentry Services.


Maria Stephenson

Research and Data Services Director

As Research and Data Services Director, Maria oversees internal and external data requests, grant writing and monitoring, and internal and external research.


Tim Lewis

Misdemeanor Probation Oversight Director

As Misdemeanor Probation Oversight Director, Tim oversees a team of Compliance Monitors in conducting activities to ensure misdemeanor entities and staff are properly registered and adhering to state laws, rules, and are current on training opportunities.


Katrina Hall

Recruitment Unit Manager

As Recruitment Unit Manager, Katrina oversees statewide recruitment officers responsible for connecting highly qualified and highly motivated individuals with the Department through innovative and strategic partnerships.


Sherri Bloodworth

Recidivism Reduction Unit Director

As Recidivism Reduction Unit Director, Sherri oversees counseling and programming services, Day Reporting Centers, mental health, and educational/vocational initiatives for approximately 160 counselors to ensure they are well-equipped to provide the best opportunities for success to the individuals we serve.