Day Reporting Centers


Day Reporting Centers (DRCs) are community-based programs that are highly structured, non-residential alternatives targeting high-risk/high-need individuals under supervision. Intensive programming targets substance use, mental health, and/or cognitive/behavioral issues through counseling/educational programming and close supervision. 

DRC’s operate in three phases: Detox/Behavior Stabilization, Sobriety/Employment and Aftercare. 

Phase 1 and 2 are a minimum of six (6) months and phase 3 is six (6) months in duration.  

DCS currently operates 16 full-size DRC’s, which are primarily located in more populated areas and 19 grant-funded DRC’s which are primarily located in more rural areas.  

Forensic Peer Mentor Program - Collaboration with DBHDD and GMHCN to provide peer support to participants in select Day Reporting Centers. Peer Mentors act as role models and provide support and assistance to individuals with substance use and/or mental health disorders.

Education/Employment specialist assists with identifying resources for individuals that encounter barriers to educational and employment programs throughout Georgia, with a focus on rural communities; Network with community stakeholders to collaborate with DCS to assist in the reentry process.  

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