Juvenile Designated Felon Supervision

Adult FS

The Georgia Department of Community Supervision (DCS) does supervise certain juvenile offenders who are transferred from the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ). As part of the legislative requirement (HB310), DCS shall be the agency primarily responsible for supervision of juvenile offenders when such offender has been placed in restrictive custody due to the adjudication of a Class A or B designated felony act, as defined by Official Code of Georgia Section 15-11-2, and is released from such custody.

Per DCS Policy 4.400 and DJJ Policy 20.52, a juvenile offenders case must meet all of the following circertia in order to be transferred to DCS for supervision:

  • Youth is a Class A Designated Felon (DF) age 17 and older;
  • Youth is not amenable (responding) to treatment and programming services offered by DJJ as evidenced by youth continuing to receive new offenses, not participating in services, or youth has been placed on adult felony probation;
  • Youth has not made substantial progress towards treatment and service plan objectives as evidenced by youth not completing identified treatment, not meeting service plan goals, or youth has been placed on adult felony probation;
  • Youth has not completed academic goals as outlined in the individualized program of study (as evidenced by youth’s lack of participation in his/her identified academic program, or youth has been placed on adult felony probation).

While under DCS Supervision juvenile cases are by a CSO III or higher and are considered specialized cases. Specialized cases are the highest risk cases and will consist of offenders with special risk and needs.