ATHENS - The Georgia Commission on Family Violence (GCFV) presented its “Moving the Work Forward Award” to the Northeast Georgia Council on Domestic Violence (NGCDV) during the annual family violence conference. NGCDV was one of two domestic/family violence prevention partners honored with this award.

“All of us at the Northeast Georgia Council on Domestic Violence are thrilled and honored to receive this award. We feel we can break the cycle of violence by educating our youth about healthy relationships. Through this education process, we then move one step closer toward the ultimate goal of ending domestic violence,” said NGCDV Executive Director Katherine Reusing.

The “Moving the Work Forward Award” is presented to organizations that are innovative in their approaches and actions to ensuring that all victims of domestic violence are provided the necessary resources to live free of violence in their homes.

“This is a great example of how utilizing technology can help us identify and connect with a younger segment of the population. The work being done by the council truly represents what this award is all about,” said GCFV Executive Director Jennifer Thomas.

This was the Commission’s twenty-first annual family violence conference. The event was held at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia. The theme of this year’s conference was Addressing Domestic Violence in the 21st Century: Where do we go from here? Over 350 local and national community stakeholders including: judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, advocates, survivors, faith leaders, counselors and community members participated in the conference.

The Georgia Commission on Family Violence was created in 1992 by the Georgia General Assembly. The Commission is charged with the development of a comprehensive state plan for ending family violence in Georgia.

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