ATLANTA - The Georgia Department of Community Supervision (DCS) and the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association (GSA) along with other local law enforcement agencies are conducting a statewide joint Halloween operation focused on convicted sex offenders and sexual predators.

Operation “Watchful Eye” began earlier this week with community supervision officers and sheriffs’ deputies executing fugitive sex offender warrants and warrants for sex offenders in violation of court orders. During Halloween night community supervision officers, sheriffs’ deputies and other law enforcement officers will conduct compliance checks and arrest those offenders found to be in violation of the law or conditions of their supervision. Additionally, some sex offenders will be required to report to local DCS offices or alternative meeting locations during trick-or-treating hours.

DCS Assistant Commissioner Scott Maurer says this statewide multi-agency operation is all about enhancing public safety.

“This operation represents a concerted effort among DCS, GSA and numerous local law enforcement agencies all taking a proactive approach to ensure our children and communities are safe during Halloween,” said Maurer.

This is the first statewide joint Halloween operation conducted by DCS. The agency is responsible for the community-based supervision of approximately 180,000 adult felony offenders. Of that number, some 5,800 are either registered sex offenders or offenders being supervised under sex offender stipulations. Prior to the creation of DCS, the supervision of these offenders would have been divided between probation departments and parole offices.

DCS Director of Field Operations David Morrison says that community supervision officers are prepared to enforce the enhanced supervision requirements.

“Each Community Supervision Office has developed a plan of action to enhance supervision in their area during Halloween. Our highly trained and professionally dedicated team of men and women will be out in local neighborhoods and communities monitoring these offenders and holding them accountable,” said Morrison.

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