ATLANTA - The Georgia Department of Community Supervision (DCS) is joining other law enforcement agencies in equipping their officers with uniform mounted video recording devices known as body cameras.

DCS’ primary purpose for deploying the new equipment differs from other agencies. In addition to the known benefits of accountability and transparency, DCS intends to utilize body camera technology to capture interactions between officers and offenders.

DCS Commissioner Michael Nail is excited about the opportunity created by the innovative use of this technology.

“We believe this technology is the next step in the natural progression of quality offender supervision. The use of body cameras will help our officers be more effective and efficient in the performance of the services they provide to Georgia communities,” said Nail.

Being among the first to implement body cameras in this manner, DCS anticipates that this initiative will enhance the agency’s training, operational efficiency, and supervision quality.

“We continuously seek opportunities to incorporate the use of technology to enhance and advance community supervision,” said DCS Director of Field Operations David Morrison.

Utilizing the footage collected during interactions, DCS will create invaluable tools for training and supervision. By objectively capturing the entire event on video, our officers, supervisors, and counselors will gain a more complete depiction of the officer/offender exchange.

The department has placed an order with Taser International for 240 body camera units. The program will be implemented incrementally throughout the state beginning in the near future.

Contact Information:

For more information please contact Bert Flewellen, Director of Public Affairs at 404-309-7257 or [email protected].