ATLANTA -  December 14, 2022 - To detect continued criminal activity and deter future criminal activity, the Georgia Department of Community Supervision (DCS), in conjunction with over 100 State, Federal, and local partners conducted warrant service, 4th Amendment searches, Parole searches, and field interviews with verified gang members primarily associated with known Street Gangs across the state between December 5 - December 9, 2022

While our mission is to ensure everyone under DCS supervision has the resources and support they need to succeed, we understand that unfortunately not every person will take advantage of these opportunities. Over the past several months, DCS and its partnering public safety agencies collected information on these individuals to ensure a swift and safe operation for local communities and all the law enforcement officers involved. 

“Community Supervision Officers exhaust every resource and service available to provide opportunities for successful outcomes. It is unfortunate that some individuals choose not to take advantage of the support our Department so diligently provides,” stated Mr. James Bergman who serves as the Deputy Director of Field Operations overseeing the Special Operations Unit. Bergman further adds, “An operation of this magnitude requires seamless interagency collaboration--it is nearly impossible to do alone. DCS is grateful for the agencies and departments who have partnered with us to make this operation a success.”

Community Supervision Officers leverage many skills and function in many roles. One critical role our officers carry out is to protect neighborhoods across Georgia from dangerous individuals. These officers are on the ground everyday making meaningful contacts that provide valuable intelligence on individuals that have chosen to cast aside the desire to be productive members of society in favor of a desire to wreak havoc within their communities. 

This intelligence-driven operation resulted in 358 searches, 175 arrests, 98 firearms were seized, and narcotics and gang paraphernalia were recovered. 

About The Georgia Department of Community Supervision:

As an integral part of the criminal justice system, we protect and serve the state of Georgia through effective and efficient community supervision while providing opportunities for successful outcomes.


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