ATLANTA, GA. — The Georgia Department of Community Supervision is advising the public to be aware of a telephone scam in which individuals posing as government officials attempt to collect or extort money.

In an attempt to add credibility to their schemes, these individuals may represent themselves as Community Supervision (Probation/ Parole) Officers or as an employee of the Department. 


In some recent cases, the caller identified himself as being an employee of the Department of Community Supervision ‘Services.’ Targets include both individuals under supervision and family members of inmates. In these cases, the scammers provided information regarding tentative release dates and requested payment for electronic monitoring services so that the inmate could be released. These calls do not originate from the Department of Community Supervision or any other government agency, and are fraudulent. The Department of Community Supervision will never call members of the public and threaten to arrest them and demand payment of unspecified “fees or services.”


DCS has taken measures to inform the supervision population by sending a mass notification to all individuals under supervision. To date, we are aware of over a dozen reported incidents with one of the largest victims sending $1,900. Accordingly, the Department is working closely with the Georgia Department of Corrections and wants to emphasize to the public that we do not request payment via the phone or via gift card, credit card or money transfer.


Fraudsters or scam artists will sometimes impersonate government officials to try to add credibility to their scheme. They also frequently target the elderly. We encourage members of the public to be alert for potential phone scams against themselves and their family members, which may include the following warning signs:


  • Being told you have won a prize or sweepstakes, and need to take steps to receive it, such as sending money for taxes and insurance before receiving the prize.
  • Being asked to provide or to confirm your Social Security number, bank account or credit card numbers, or other personal or financial information.
  • Being asked to pay unspecified fees for services such as electronic monitoring 
  • Use of scare tactics, such as claiming your loved one is in danger, or that you may be arrested if you do not take immediate action.
  • Asking you to pay using money transfers, cryptocurrency, or gift cards.
  • Pressure to act immediately.
  • Promises to recover money you have lost in other scams, for a fee.


Those who receive these calls are encouraged to report them to the DCS at [email protected] or by calling (678) 783-4337.  If you have been a victim, please contact your local law enforcement authority. 


In addition, please be cautious about providing any personal information (names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security Numbers) to anyone who calls or emails you because it could result in identity theft.

Additional tips to ensure your security and safety:


  • Never trust the caller ID number; the displayed telephone number can be manipulated with software.
  • Always consider sending unsolicited phone calls to voicemail. Many scam call centers will not leave a message.
  • Never click on links contained in unsolicited emails or text messages. The links may route you to fake websites or deploy malicious software.
  • Protect your personal and financial information. Never provide this information in response to unsolicited text messages, emails or social media posts claiming to be a government agency


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