ATLANTA - Governor Brian P. Kemp has issued a proclamation declaring April as "Second Chance Month” in the State of Georgia. This special designation is set aside to help individuals and communities across Georgia recognize the importance of Reentry Services and their role in supporting safe and successful criminal justice outcomes. 

The proclamation reads, in part, “The designation of April as Second Chance Month contributes to increased public awareness about the need for closure for those who have paid their debt, and opportunities for individuals, employers, congregations, and communities to extend Second Chances.”

The Department of Community Supervision’s (DCS) Division of Reentry Services has made great strides in expanding the footprint of Reentry Services throughout the State. The Division's mission is to improve public safety by reducing crime through the implementation of a seamless plan of services through supervision developed with each individual. To quantify the impact of this meaningful work, the Division of Reentry Services has completed over 2,900 housing referrals; and over 8,000 employment referrals, and connected over 1,000 individuals with direct referrals to services such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Medicaid in less than one year.

“The men and women who comprise our Department recognize that each person we supervise brings their own unique value. We also recognize that our mission cannot be accomplished alone or in silo,” says DCS Commissioner Michael W. Nail. “It takes collaboration and teamwork. Services are best delivered through state and local collaboration from the time of their entry to prison through their successful transition, reintegration, and aftercare in the community.” He further explained. 

Mary Elliott, DCS Reentry Services Director states: “While Second Chance Month serves as a reminder of DCS's mission to provide individuals opportunities for successful outcomes, but also serves as a time set aside for recognition of fresh starts, redemption, and redefinition of lives. Director Elliot adds, "Second Chance Month focuses on removing barriers to success and helping individuals step into a brighter future."

During Second Chance Month, our department will host events and highlight state-wide collaborations as government agencies and community partners bridge the gap for justice-involved individuals. These events offer the opportunity for community members to join together by attending local events and learning more about how to support efforts made by Reentry Services moving forward. 


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As an integral part of the criminal justice system, we protect and serve the state of Georgia through effective and efficient community supervision while providing opportunities for successful outcomes.

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