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Reentry Resources

The goal of the Reentry Services Unit (RSU) is to help all returning citizens, and those citizens currently under community supervision reenter public life and transition into law-abiding, productive members of the community.  Operating within the Court/Board/Field Services Division of DCS, the RSU is tasked with the important role of organizing and providing assistance to returning citizens to further our efforts in reducing Georgia’s recidivism rate.

Reentry Resources

To facilitate successful reentry and reduce recidivism, the RSU works with local stakeholders from various backgrounds to determine if reentry resources are available.  To access a current list of verified reentry resources in your area, use our “Find Reentry Resources” tool located to the left of this page.

Grant Information

Below you will find four federal grants that were awarded to the Governor's Office of Transition, Support & Reentry (GOTSR) to assist in our efforts. With the creation of DCS, these grants are now managed by the RSU.  The four federal grants are Smart Supervision, Second Chance Act-Statewide Recidivism Reduction, Justice Reinvestment Initiative (JRI), and Justice Information Sharing (JIS).  

To improve offender outcomes, the Smart Supervision grant allows the RSU to train GA-PRI officers and staff at Lee State Prison in EPICS II, an evidence-based supervision technique.  

With the goal of reducing recidivism by 11 percent over three years, the Second Chance Act-Statewide Recidivism Reduction grant enables the RSU to expand GA-PRI.  Additionally, given the important role that stable housing plays in recidivism, the Second Chance Act-Statewide Recidivism Reduction grant allows for the expansion of the Reentry Partnership Housing program (RPH) to include probationers being released from prison.  

Before a GA-PRI eligible release, the Justice Reinvestment Initiative grant provides for prison in-reach and case plan development services to improve knowledge and access to vital community resources. 

As we strive to improve communication, the Justice Information Sharing grant provides for the development of a data sharing portal for community stakeholders, community service providers, DCS, DOC, and other agencies.

For more information regarding the RSU, please contact Michelle Stanley at Michelle.Stanley@dcs.ga.gov