Pre-Release Resources

Success transition starts from the day an individual arrives at a facility.  To identify resource needs to aid in successful transitions specialized staff are housed at each Department of Corrections facility (Click the link to see a list of Georgia Department of Corrections facilities GDC Facilities) to provide assistance.

InReach Coordination

InReach Coordinators work in Department of Correction prison facilities with the population identified as high risk/ high need returning to one of the identified circuits by developing comprehensive transition case plans.  These case plans identify resources and services need upon release.  

For additional information or questions about Community Coordinators, please email the Statewide InReach Coordinators Stefanie Lucas-McClain at or Valencia Miller at 

Max Out Reentry Program (M.O.R.E)

The Max Out Reentry Program (M.O.R.E) Program is a program designed specifically for those individuals who are required to max out their sentence.  These individuals are screened to determine their eligibility into the program. Once screened and entered into the program and individual is transferred to a transitional center (TC). (Click the link to see a list of Georgia Department of Corrections facilities GDC Facilities).  

Participants are supervised by a DCS Community Supervision Officer while at the Department of Corrections Transition Center.  These officers work hand-in-hand throughout their duration of the program to ensure participants have the necessary tools needed to aid in a smooth and successful transition upon discharge.  For additional information or questions, please email the M.O.R.E. Manager,