Sex Offender Special Conditions of Supervision

  1.  The individual under supervision shall have no contact, whatsoever directly in person or indirectly through any means of communication or through employment, volunteer activity or otherwise with any child under the age of 18, including your own children, nor with any person unable to give consent because of mental or emotional limitations. If the offender has incidental contact with children, the offender will be civil and courteous to the child and immediately remove himself or herself from the situation. The offender shall discuss the contact at his or her next meeting with their community supervision officer.
  2. The individual under supervision shall not reside with any child under the age of 18, including his or her own children, unless approved in advance and in writing by the Court.
  3. Any change of residence must receive prior approval by a community supervision officer.
  4. The individual under supervision  shall have no contact with the victim, including correspondence, telephone contact, any form of electronic communication or communication through a third party except under circumstances approved in advance and in writing by the Court.
  5. Offender employment must be approved by a community supervision officer.
  6. Except as authorized by the Court or community supervision officer, the offender shall not create, posses, access or control any type of photograph, video, rendering or digital imagery of any minor.
  7. The individual under supervision shall not date or marry anyone who has children under the age of 18, unless approved in advance and in writing by the community supervision officer in consultation with the treatment provider or the sentencing court. Offenders are required to notify any such person of his or her criminal history.
  8. The Individual under supervision shall not possess or subscribe to any sexually oriented or sexually stimulating material to include mail, computer or television nor patronize any place where such material or entertainment is available.
  9. The individual under supervision shall not utilize "900" telephone numbers neither shall they rent a post office box without permission from a community supervision officer.
  10. The individual under supervision shall abide by any curfew imposed by a community supervision officer.
  11. The individual under supervision shall attend and actively participate in sex offender evaluation and treatment at a program approved by a community supervision officer. Offenders will abide by the rules of the treatment program and successfully complete the program to the satisfaction of the community supervision officer and the treatment provider. Offenders are responsible for all fees associated with the evaluation and treatment.
  12. The individual under supervision shall submit, at your expense, to any psychological or physiological assessment at the direction of a community supervision officer or treatment provider. This includes a polygraph or plethysmograph.
  13.  The individual under supervision shall sign a release of information to allow a community supervision officer or designee to communicate with other professionals involved in their treatment program. This will include a release of information to the therapist of the victim.
  14.  The individual under supervision shall submit to a search of their person, property, residence or vehicle any time of the day or night with or without consent or a search warrant whenever requested by a community supervision officer or any other peace officer.
  15.  The individual under supervision shall not purchase, possess, or consume any alcoholic beverages, controlled substances or mind altering drugs except pursuant to a legal doctor's prescription.
  16.  The individual under supervision shall submit to, and if necessary, pay for breath, urine, blood or saliva test for analysis for the possible presence of prohibited drugs or alcohol.
  17.  The individual under supervision will keep a driving log and make it available to his or her community supervision officer as requested.
  18.  The individual under supervision will never drive alone, especially through parks, playgrounds, school zones or other areas where children are commonly known to be present.
  19.  The individual under supervision will not hitchhike or pick up hitchhikers.