Standard Conditions of Supervision

  1. Offenders will participate in the development and implementation of a reentry plan designed by their community supervision officer. This plan may require the offender to obtain employment, complete routine drug screenings, attend and pay minimal fees for counseling or other classes.
  2. Offenders will not violate the law of any governmental unit and will immediately notify their community supervision officer if they are arrested for any offense, including traffic offenses.
  3. Offenders shall not receive, posses, transport, have under their control, attempt to purchase, or obtain the transfer of any firearm, ammunition, explosives or other deadly weapons.

  4. Offenders will not leave their state of residence, even briefly, or change their residence without first obtaining permission from my community supervision officer. Offenders will not abscond from community supervision.

  5. Offenders will support their children as required by Georgia law, make payments on my restitution, pay a monthly supervision fee and pay a reasonable fee for electronic monitoring.

  6. If offenders do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent and are unable to maintain consistent employment, they will attend school to pursue a general education diploma, a high school diploma or, trade at a vocational/technical school.