Sex Offender Special Conditions of Supervision

  1. The offender shall not purchase or possess any pornographic or sexually explicit materials.
  2. The offender shall not frequent or be employed by any business exhibiting pornographic materials or activities.

  3. The offender shall have no physical, written, visual or telephone contact with the victim(s) in his or her case.

  4. The offender shall receive and pay for a sex offender assessment by an agency approved treatment provider and participate and pay for any counseling deemed necessary.

  5. I will not visit/access pornography sites or chat rooms on the Internet; I will not use the Internet to view or distribute lewd photos of anyone under 18 years of age; nor will I, without prior permission from my Community Supervision Officer, befriend, monitor, communicate with, or gather information about anyone under 18 years of age through use of the Internet. I will consent to and permit periodic inspections by my Community Supervision Officer of my computer or any other device possessed by me that has Internet capabilities to determine if I have used the internet in any manner proscribed.

  6. The offender shall not use or consume any controlled substance or mind altering drug including alcohol, except pursuant to a legal doctor’s prescription.

  7. The offender shall submit to and, if necessary, pay for breath, urine, blood or saliva testing to check for the presence of any prohibited drug and/or alcohol in his or her body.

  8. The offender shall submit to and truthfully answer all questions asked during a polygraph assessment and evaluation regarding his or her behavior as instructed by his or her community supervision officer. The offender will also pay a reasonable fee for this examination.

  9. The offender shall not engage in any form of sexual contact, or abusive activity with anyone under 18 yoa; or with anyone who is unable to give consent due to mental or emotional limitations.

  10. The offender shall live only in a residence approved by his or her community supervision officer and agree not to live or share a residence with any other person with a history of sexual offense conviction(s). The location of the offender's residence shall comply with Ga Law and/or any other condition imposed by the Board. The offender may not be employed at a location within 1000 ft of, or be employed by a child day care facility, school or church.

  11. The offender shall attend, participate in and pay for mental health, anger and/or violence prevention counseling if instructed by his or her community supervision officer.

  12. The offender shall not associate with prostitutes and will avoid areas known to have prostitution activity.

  13. The offender shall work only at places pre-approved by his/her community supervision officer.

  14. The offender shall not be with any child under 18 yoa unless an adult is present who has knowledge of his or her history of criminal sexual behavior and who has been approved in writing as a chaperon by his or her community supervision officer.

  15. The offender shall not reside in any residence, either temporarily or permanently, with persons under 18 yoa unless the child is his or her biological or adopted child and the offender has lawful custody or court approved visitation rights for said child. The offender will not work and/or volunteer for any business or organization which provides services or care for/to children under 18 yoa or to persons over 18 yoa who are unable to give consent due to mental, emotional or physical limitations.

  16. The offender shall not have any contact with anyone under 18 yoa whether in person or through any means of communication nor shall the offender attend any place, business, amusement, social event or gathering of any type for the purpose of coming into contact with minors.

  17. The offender shall submit his or her schedule of weekly activities to his or her community supervision officer. If instructed, the offender shall abide by any curfew placed on him or her by his or her community supervision officer.

  18. The offender shall remain fully and appropriately clothed and will not engage in lewd behavior when in public or when potential for public view exists.

  19. The offender shall be placed on electronic monitoring and may be required to pay a fee for this service.

  20. If an offender has been classified as a sexually dangerous predator, he or she can not reside within 1000 ft of any school bus stop, public and private park and recreation facilities, playgrounds, skating rinks, neighborhood centers, gymnasiums, and public/community swimming pools. He or she must wear an electronic monitoring system for the remainder of their life and shall pay for such system.

  21. The offender must also register each year 72 hours prior to their birthday. They must also update and/or verify registration information with the sheriff’s office in their county of residence again six months after their birthday.